Skeleton and Joints

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Skeleton and Joints

There are 206 individual bones in the adult skeleton. Each one is an organ and you
should know the names of most of them. They are classifi ed as part of either the
axial skeleton or the appendicular skeleton.

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To which bones does the word phalanges apply? Those in the

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Which list contains the bones of the pelvic and pectoral girdles?

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Haemopoiesis refers to

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Choose the correct sentence. Compact bone contains

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The appendicular skeleton includes all of the following EXCEPT one. Which

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Which of the following is NOT a “long” bone?

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What are the bones of the fi ngers known as?

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Which one of the following is a bone that is embedded within a tendon?

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Which bone is most superior?

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Which of the list below is a cell that reabsorbs bone?

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