Pharmacology Set 3

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Pharmacology Set 3

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Which of the following statements is least related to
Chlorhexidine (0.2%)?

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Phase II reactions of a drug biotransformation:

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While prescribing a treatment to a young female patient
suffering from peptic ulcer associated with H. Pylori the
gastroenterologist will neglect:

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Which of the following inhalational anesthetic agents is having
fastest onset of action?

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Indomethacin is preferred over Colchicine for Acute Attack of
Gout because it is:

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Which of the following statements best describes the
mechanism of action of benzodiazepines?

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Acute hemorrhage cystitis is a common toxic effect seen with:

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A 35 year old lady who is on anticancer therapy is now
suffering from severe nausea and vomiting; which of the
following drugs is having most effective antiemetic actions in
this case?

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Which of the following drugs produces respiratory depression
and so reversed by flumazenil?

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Which of the following local anesthetics is used exclusively for
its good surface activity and low toxic potential:

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A 50 year old patient is having propranolol due to his cardiac
problems but his physician now wants to stop this drug; which
of the following is the most important reason for this step?

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A 45 year old patient developed severe thrombocytopenia due
to unfractionated heparin so the best alternative
anticoagulant will be

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Which of the followings is useful topically for genital herpes

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A young man of 24 years is suffering from Generalized Anxiety
Disorder; which drug may be preferred for his problem?

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A young girl of 20 years has taken a suicidal overdose of
Digoxin, the drug of choice in her treatment will be:

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