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Pharmacology Quiz

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Which of these drugs is an effective treatment option for patients with gonorrhea?

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One litre of Normal
Saline is charted over 9
hours. The drop factor is 15.
Calculate the number of
drops per minute ?

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A client is ordered 22
milligrams of Gentamicin
sulphate by intramuscular
injection. 20 milligrams in 2
millilitres of liquid for IM
Injection is available. How
many millilitres will you

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How many Kg is equal to
21 lbs. ??

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A client is ordered 50
milligrams of Amoxicillin
trihydrate orally. 125
milligrams in 5 millilitres of
Syrup is available. How many
millilitres will you administer?

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I am a vasodilating agent. I
am available in many forms like
oral, intravenous and all. In
certain forms I will lost my
potency when I gets exposed to
light. One of my most common
side effect is head
ache but I will also
cause sudden
in B.P.Who am I?

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I am an anticonvulsant
often used to treat epilepsy .
I will act on the neuronal cell
membrane limiting the spread
of seizure activity.
It is better not to
administer me
with any other
drug.Tell me my
generic name???

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I am Phenylalkalymine
category of Calcium channel
blocker. I am a strong
antiarrhythmic drug. My
common side effect is
Who am I???

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I am an antihistamine. But
I have very strong sedative
effect. I will interfere with
atropine antidepressants and
other anticholinergic drugs &
Most common
Trade name is
Avil.What is my
generic name??

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I am most commonly
indicated for controlling
seizures in pregnancy.Yet
another indication is “Torsa
de pointes”.My preffered
route is through veins.It is
good to monitor
electrolyte levels
when you
administers me.
Who am I??

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I am an ACE inhibitor. My
name begin with “R”.We are
the most preferred category
drugs used in CHF.I am often
used in combination with
diuretics in most conditions.
My most common
side effects are
taste problems
& dry cough.
Who am I????

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I am a pencillin antibiotic.I will
fight even those bacteria which
are resistant even to
pencillin.Never use me if you
have liver diseases. I will fight
sinusitis, pneumonia, ear
infections, bronchitis, urinary
tract infections, and
infections of the
skin. My main
ingredient is
Who am I???

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I am often reffered as an
antimuscarinic. Whenever you administers me
I will cause an effect on heart, intestine
and bronchial muscle. Previously I was used
commonly used as a preanesthetic.I will
surely help you in keeping heart rate to the
normal level.
Never administer me in case of glaucoma,
I am the most potent drug of my
category.In excessive dosages
I will cause dilation of the
pupils, difficulty in swallowing,
hot dry skin and
flushing. Who I am????

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Which one of the following listed
drugs is not a calcium channel
blocking drug?

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Potassium sparing diuretics have the
primary effect upon the _____ found in
the kidney.

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Which of the following is not directly
related to a drug toxicity of Ibuprofen?

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A drug ending in the suffix (pril) is
considered a ______.

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Over dosage of heparin is treated

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Although nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory
drugs such as ibuprofen are beneficial in
managing arthritis pain, the nurse should
caution clients about which of the following
common side effects?

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A client is being maintained on heparin
therapy for deep vein thrombosis. The nurse
must closely monitor which of the following
laboratory values?

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A client with heart failure has Lanoxin
(digoxin) ordered. What would the nurse
expect to find when evaluating for the
therapeutic effectiveness of this drug?

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