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This post contains questions related to the Human Muscle system. Every time you participate in this quiz you got 10 different types of questions to Answer.

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By which term is a muscle that opposes or reverses a particular movement

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What is a “sarcomere”?

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One of the following is NOT a function of testosterone, which one?

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Smooth muscle cells may be described by which of the following?

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Which of the following muscles is a common intra-muscular injection site?

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Which of the following muscles is NOT named after its location in the body?

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Which protein(s) are found in thin myofi laments?

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Which term is given to the unit of a myofi bril that contracts?

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All of the following structures are part of a muscle cell except one. Which one?

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Which of the following is the smallest structure within a muscle fi bre?

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