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Practice Questions for NCLEX

This practice test contains 30 Questions.

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The LPN has delegated the task of taking vital signs to an unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP). Which instruction is most appropriate?

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The nurse is caring for a woman who had a CVA and has right-sided hemiplegia. Which action is least appropriate?

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An older adult who has a stage I pressure ulcer asks the nurse why a clear dressing has been put over the site when the skin is not broken. What should the nurse include when replying?

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An elderly adult has a nasogastric (NG) tube and an intravenous (IV) line. The client is confused and attempts to remove both the NG tube and the IV. How should the nurse ensure the client’s safety?

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Following a craniotomy, the nurse positions a client in a semi-reclining position for which reason?

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An adult returned from the post anesthesia care unit (PACU) following abdominal surgery. At 2:00 P.M., he asks for pain medication. He has an order for meperidine (Demerol) 75 mg intramuscularly (IM) q 3 to 4 hours PRN for operative site pain. He was last medicated at 10:30 A.M. What is the best initial action for the nurse?

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The LPN/LVN notes that an apical-radial pulse is ordered for a client. Which is the correct way to obtain this reading?

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The nurse is caring for an adult who had abdominal surgery this morning. Which action will do the most to prevent vascular complications?

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There is blood on the floor. How should the nurse clean up the spill?

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The client has just returned to the nursing care unit following a hemorrhoidectomy. What order should the nurse expect?

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Which behavior by a CNA in a long-term care facility indicates a need for further instruction?

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The nurse is to help a client who has had a CVA and has right-sided hemiplegia get up into a wheelchair. How should the nurse place the wheelchair?

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An adult is admitted to the hospital after several days of vomiting. Her breathing is now slow and shallow. What acid-base imbalance does the nurse suspect?

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An adult woman has been in an automobile accident. She sustained numerous lacerations, a fractured tibia set by closed reduction, and a mild concussion. She has no apparent renal injuries and is conscious. An indwelling catheter is inserted for which of the following purposes?

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An adult who is terminally ill asks the nurse, “Am I going to die soon?” What is the best response for the nurse to make?

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An adult is admitted with chronic renal failure. Strict intake and output is ordered. The client is sometimes incontinent, so it is impossible to obtain an accurate record of output. How can the nurse best assess the client’s fluid status?

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The nurse is changing a dressing. Which behavior, if observed, would indicate a break in technique?

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The nurse is taking vital signs on a very obese individual and uses an extra-wide cuff. What is the primary reason for using an extra-wide cuff?

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The nurse is observing two UAPs log roll a client who had a laminectomy yesterday. Which observation indicates that the procedure is being incorrectly performed?

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Warm compresses are ordered for an open wound. Which action is appropriate for the nurse?

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A cooling blanket is ordered for an adult who has a temperature of 106°F (41.5°C). Which nursing action is appropriate?

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The family of an adult who is terminally ill with advanced metastatic cancer asks the nurse to “let him die in peace.” The client is alert and oriented and in severe pain. What response is appropriate for the nurse?

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An adult has just died. How should the nurse prepare the body for transfer to the mortuary?

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The LPN/LVN working in a long-term care facility is supervising a certified nursing assistant (CNA). Which observation indicates that the CNA needs further instruction in performing hygienic care?

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The nurse is assessing a woman upon admission. Which data should be recorded as subjective data?

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The nurse observes that an elderly man who is bedridden has a reddened area on his coccyx. The skin is not broken. The nurse most correctly interprets this pressure ulcer to be which stage?

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When caring for a client in hemorrhagic shock, how should the nurse position the client?

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The LPN/LVN delegates the task of performing hygienic care of a bedridden client to a UAP. What responsibility does the LPN/LVN have regarding the performance of the care?

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An adult is now alert and oriented following abdominal surgery. What position is most appropriate for the client?

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A client has Crohn’s disease with chronic diarrhea. Which nursing diagnosis is most likely to be appropriate for this client?

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Free Practice Questions for NCLEX-2022
Free Practice Questions for NCLEX-2022

Does we need to write both NCLEX and CGFNS exam for USA?

NCLEX is the national licensing exam required of all nurses who wish to work as nurses in the US, whether a graduate from the US or overseas.CGFNS is specifically for graduates of foreign nursing schools. It was created about 25 years ago as a precursor to a nurse being sent to the US to work. Back then you could come on just a simple temporary work permit, but those are no longer available.

Can I go to South Korea after passing nclex-rn?

Foreign nurses can work in Korea after taking the nurse license. But foreign nurses have to graduate from nursing colleges admitted by MOHW (Ministry of Health & Welfare) if they want to take the KNLE (Korean Nurses’ Licensing Examination).

Which are the drugs I must know before appearing for my nclex?

The drugs are: Cardiac glycoside, Beta-blockers, Calcium channel blockers, Anti-depressants, Anti-anxiety, Anti-anginals, Insulins, Oral anti-diabetic, Anti-biotics, Pain killers, Naloxone, Diuretics, Bronchodilators, Steroids, Anti-coagulants, Anti-neoplastics, Anti-platelet, Anaphylaxis, Anti-dysrhythmia, Thyroid, Stool softener, Anti-cholesterol meds etc

Which US states does not require IELTS with Nclex?

I would suggest before you do anything is check with the state you plan on living and working and check what is required when IEN and endorsing a license. Many states still require the same requirements when endorsing if trained outside the US.

Is Nclex required to work in London?

yes, but it is quite the test. First, the non-EU nurse has to go through a set of steps to enter the country to be able to work. That’s pretty standard when wanting to move abroad for work. Once that’s completed, the non-EU nurse is then able to start working, but only as a nurse assistant until a clinical test called the OSCE is completed.

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