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PTCB 90 Question Practice Test

This Practice Test Contains 90 Very Important Question for PTCB Exam

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To prepare a prescription you need to measure 2.75oz. You have the following graduated cylinders available. Which would you use?

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Which medication is exempt from the PPPA locking cap requirements?

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Mr. Tee is a customer at your retail pharmacy. He has prescription drug coverage through his employer. When he picks up his prescription he must pay a portion of the price known as a ____________.

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A patient presents a prescription for Ibandronate 150mg #3. Your pharmacy has a 35% markup and $5.66 dispensing fee. The wholesale price is $15.70 per tab. What will the retail price be for this prescription of 3 tablets?

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Your store retails a 30 ct. bottle of Ibuprofen for $3.00. The wholesale cost to the store is $1.50. What is the Markup percent?

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Which form of Diabetes is Insulin Dependent?

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Dr. Dasani has a dental practice in Smiley, Texas. What should the final number be in his DEA number given the first 8 characters of AD380410?

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How many Tablespoons are in 16 Ounces?

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A customer has dropped off a prescription order for Benazepril. Which of the following conditions does our customer most likely need this for?

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If 100 tablets cost 122.00, how much does each tablet cost?

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Which DEA Sch. contains drugs that have very high abuse potential and are not usually used as medication?

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1 Lbs is equal to:

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A dosage form that dissolves when held between the cheek and gum is called a:

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Convert 25°C to F°.

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Which of the following drugs would not be used to treat seizures?

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Which DEA schedule contains substances with the least potential for abuse?

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A patient weights 218 Lbs. What is their weight in Kg?

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Dr. Diaco has prescribed your customer a drug order for the following: Methylprednisolone 10mg tabs 40mg QD x2D 30mg QD X3D 20mg QD X4D 10mg QD X5D How many tablets should be dispensed?

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00006-0951-54 is the NDC code for Losartan 25mg #90. What does the middle series of numbers 0951 represent?

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A 14 year old boy weights 110 lbs. He is prescribed by his Doctor to take 5mg/Kg of drug “A” daily. What will his dose be?

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The decision to add new medications to a hospitals formulary are usually made by :

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Which of these drugs is a Beta Blocker?

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A _________ protects a drugs brand name from unauthorized use.

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Which FDA recall is the least severe?

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A script for Zolpidem will expire after ______ and may have up to ________.

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A patient is at your store buying a glucose monitor. The item sells for $69.99. After tax their total is $75.94. What is the tax rate?

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The fraction ¾ is equal to:

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You receive a prescription with the sig: Amoxil 500mg 1tab PO TID X10D. Which of these is most likely their condition?

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Mr. Bill Foldes is a regular customer at your pharmacy. Today he brought in a new prescription for Oxycontin. The script is from Dr. Bender and his DEA number is BB5274636. The script is dated December 17th of last year and today is April 21st. The prescription allows 5 refills. Under the circumstances, how many fills will Mr. Foldes receive?

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A pharmacy can order DEA Sch. 3 drugs from their wholesaler:

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The FDA publication of Approved Drug Products with Therapeutic Equivalence Evaluations is called:

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A cart exchange in a hospital usually takes place every:

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The drug name Oxycontin is an example of a:

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With which class of FDA recall is there is a potential for serious injury or death

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Your retail pharmacy sells products at: 45% markup over wholesale + a set dispensing fee of $4. A customer brings in a script for: Vardenafil 5mg #10. The total retail cost at pickup for the 10 tablets is $149.00. What is your pharmacys wholesale cost per/each tablet?

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A drug patent gives its inventor the exclusive rights to manufacture and market a drug. The patent lasts __ years and that period begins ________.

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At your retail pharmacy a customers order totals $22.34. They pay with two $20 bills. The most appropriate change would be:

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What is the primary function / use for Rosiglitazone?

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What regulatory agency would be responsible for the approval of a new anti-anxiety drug similar to Diazepam?

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A drug class that causes a natural biological action to NOT occur is called:

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Which is not true about HIPAA?

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How many teaspoons are in one ounce?

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A rolling cabinet at a hospital which is used to dispense emergency medication is commonly called a:

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Dr. Patel has prescribed Ms. Jones some antibacterial drops to treat Conjunctivitis. The directions are 2- 3gtt OD QID. What will need to be typed on the label?

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A patient at your hospital is prescribed: Drug Xt 2mg/kg TID. Her chart shows she weighs 110 lbs. How many mg per day will she receive?

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Water freezes at 0°C and Boils at 100°C. What tempe rature in Farenheit will water freeze and boil?

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How many ML of active ingredient are in 1.5 Liter of a 17.5% solution?

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Which of the following would be a violation of OBRA?

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Which would not be a violation of HIPAA?

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Which size of needle has the largest diameter?

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Which of these temperatures would be within Controlled / Room Temperature standards?

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Which drug is not DEA controlled?

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A physician orders an IV drip of a mixture at a rate of 25ml/hr for 20/hr. What volume of fluid will be needed?

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Which phase of the FDA new drug application involves double-blind, placebo controlled trials to demonstrate that it actually works and involves hundreds or thousands of patients.

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Which of the following must be used to clean a Laminal Flow Hood?

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You have been asked to dilute and repackage 1 Liter of a 20% solution into 1 pint bottles of 5% solution. How many bottles will you be able to fill?

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The abbreviation PC means:

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A script for cough syrup reads 15ml PO Q4° PRN. What should you type on the patient’s packaging?

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Generic Drugs can be substituted for Brand name drugs:

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An 8 year old boy weighs 34 Kilograms. The adult dosage of his prescribed medication is 400 mg. Using Clarks rule, what would the dosage for the boy be?

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The acronym APAP is used for:

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What concentration of a sodium chloride solution would be Hypertonic?

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2.5 ounces is equal to:

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A customer walks in to your pharmacy and wants to buy a Blood Pressure Monitor. They choose one that retails for $79.99. Today is senior tuesday and your customer is eligible for a 15% discount on the unit. What will the final price be after the discount and 5.0% sales tax are applied?

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Which is a solution that has been sweetened for better ease of use?

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A ___________ distributes HEPA filtered air into a work area to maintain a sterile environment.

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Dr. Acosta has a practice in Delaware and recieved her DEA number in 1988. What will the two letters in her DEA number prefix be?

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Which of the DEA Schedules are Benzodiazepines listed in?

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Custom mixing of drugs from various available products to fit the unique needs of a patient is known as:

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A 600ml IV solution is to be given over a 5 hour period. Which of the flow rates below would need to be used?2.0ml/min

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You receive a prescription for 15g of a Topical Steroid Cream containing a 12% concentration. Your pharmacy only has 10% and 15% concentrations. How much of each can you combine to fill this prescription?

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Which type of insulin has the shortest onset period. (the length of time before it reaches the bloodstream and begins to lower blood sugar)

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Which is incorrect?

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A preparation consisting of solid particles dispersed throughout a liquid is called:

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Which of the following drugs is exempt from the PPPA locking cap requirements?

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C C X L is equal to:

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If a patient is allergic to alcohol, which of the following should they not use?

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Which regulatory agency would initiate a class II recall on a prescription drug?

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Benazepril is classified as a:

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You have been asked by the Pharmacist to prepare 3 liters of a 30% strength solution. Your pharmacy stocks the active ingredient in 8 ounce bottles of 70% strength. How many bottles of the active ingredient will you need to open to complete this request? (Hint – this is and alligation problem)

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The reference list of approved drug products with Therapeutic Equivalence Evaluations published by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is called:

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You receive a Prescription that reads: Restoril 15mg PRN HS #30. What instructions will likely appear on the customers packaging?

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You receive a prescription with the sig: Amoxil 500mg 1tab PO TID X10D. How many tablets are needed to fill this order?

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You have received a script that reads 2gtt OU BID. What will the label placed on the patients packaging read?

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Which drug would be used for athletes foot:

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Which dosage form would ensure the best bioavailability?

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The Sig for “Right Ear” is:

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Your Pharmacy has a 40% markup and $1.75 dispensing fee. The wholesale price for 10 Sildenafil is $120.00, what will the retail price be.

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An eight-year-old boy weighs 75 Lbs. The adult dosage of Drug C is 400mg. The children’s dosage using Clark’s rule is:

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The drug Lorazepam is a:

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