Pharmacovigilance becomes a very popular sector for all the B.Pharmacy students. There are many companies like Wipro, Cognizant, TCS, Accenture and many other MNC Companies that are recruiting Pharmacy graduates regularly with attractive packages. So In this post of MyPharmaGuide, we are providing some details of free online resources which gives you valuable information about the job Pharmacovigilance with a certificate. So this post going to be extremely helpful for all the Pharmacy Students as well as other students who want to pursue their carrier in Pharmacovigilance.

Free Pharmacovigilance Online Courses with Certificate
Free Pharmacovigilance Online Courses with Certificate

But before we continue let’s have some basic knowledge about the Pharmacovigilance subject.

What is Pharmacovigilance and Scope of Pharmacovigilance in India

According to WHO “the science and activities related to the detection, assessment, understanding and prevention of adverse drug effects or any other possible drug-related problems” is called Pharmacovigilance.

In other words, Pharmacovigilance is the science and activity which is related to the detection, assessment, understanding and prevention of adverse effects or any other medicine/vaccine-related problems.

Key goals of Pharmacovigilance
Key goals of Pharmacovigilance

The scope of Pharmacovigilance is growing rapidly in India as well as the whole world. Pharmacovigilance includes the following domains as its parts.

  • Adverse Drug Reactions or Events
  • Medication Errors
  • Counterfeit or Substandard Medicines
  • Lack of Efficacy of Medicines
  • Misuse and/or abuse of Medicines
  • Interaction between Medicines.

Here we have shared some links to online resources/sites which are providing Pharmacovigilance Courses or Training and certificates for free. Apply for the courses, learn and get the certificates.

UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (UK MHRA)

United Kingdom Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency has a free online course for doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals for them to learn about the importance of reporting suspected adverse drug reactions (ADRs).

uk mhra

It will be better if you access this course using a Desktop and Laptop. This course is presented as a story so everyone can easily learn from the course. This course has been made as a part of The Strengthing Collaboration for Operating Pharmacovigilance in Europe (Scope).

The course will take around 45minites to complete and it is only available in English Language only. There is an assessment at the end of the module so complete the module carefully. That’s all.

National Drug Abuse Treatment Clinical Trials Network Good Clinical Practice Course

National Drug Abuse Treatment Clinical Trials Network provides a free course on Good Clinical Practices which is a free course for all healthcare workers. This online course of National Drug Abuse Treatment Clinical Trials Network contains 12 modules. In order to access the course you have to create an account on the website first and then you can access the course. The modules of the course are:

  • Introduction
  • Institutional Review Boards
  • Informed Consent
  • Confidentiality & Privacy
  • Participant Safety & Adverse Events
  • Quality Assurance
  • The Research Protocol
  • Documentation & Record-Keeping
  • Research Misconduct
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Recruitment & Retention
  • Investigational New Drugs

PharmaLessons offers a free Pharmacovigilance online courses

The course includes modules given below:

pharma lessons
  • Module 1: Pharmacovigilance Introduction
  • Module 2: Pharmacovigilance System and It’s Quality Systems
  • Module 3: Pharmacovigilance System Master File (PSMF)
  • Module 4: Pharmacovigilance Inspections
  • Module 5: Risk Management Systems
  • Module 6: Management and Reporting of Adverse Reactions
  • Module 7: Periodic Safety Update Report (PSUR)
  • Module 8: Post-Authorisation Safety Studies (PASS)

Uppsala Monitoring Centre

Upsala Monitoring Centre provides free pharmacovigilance courses for health care professionals to enhance their knowledge in the Pharmacovigilance domain. Upsala Monitoring Centre provides a variety of courses. Courses are:

  • Course 1: Introduction to pharmacovigilance
  • Course 2: Signal detection and causality assessment
  • Course 3: Statistical reasoning and algorithms in pharmacovigilance
  • Course 4: Introduction to WHODrug

Course 1: Introduction to pharmacovigilance

upsala 1

The content of this course of Upsala Monitoring Centre is Objective of Pharmacovigilance, Scope of Pharmacovigilance and History of Pharmacovigilance.

This is a one module course and takes about 30mintues to clear. This course is available in two languages English and Spanish. You can choose one of the languages according to your comfort.

Course 2: Signal detection and causality assessment

This course of Upsala Monitoring Centre provides the basic concepts and skills of signal detection and assessment, disproportionality analysis, and causality assessment for safety reports and case series.

This course contains 4 different modules and will take about 1hr and 35minutes to complete. Modules of this course are listed below:

  • Module 1: Introduction to signal detection
  • Module 2: Causality assessment of single case safety reports
  • Module 3: Causality assessment of case series
  • Module 4: Signal assessment

Course 3: Statistical reasoning and algorithms in pharmacovigilance

This course of Upsala Monitoring Centre addresses disproportionality analysis and methods compute different measures of disproportionality.

This is one module-based course and will take a minimum of 30 minutes to complete. So you can easily complete the course. The access link for this course is given below.

Course 4: Introduction to WHODrug

upsala 2

In this course of Upsala Monitoring Centre, you will basic learning of WHOdrug and various formats available of WHOdrug. This includes the coding concept required to record the data using WHO’s Drug Global and how coding influences the retrieval of data. This is a long module that is divided Into 9 parts. So you will need at least of 6hr to complete this course as there are more modules than the other courses. Modules of this course are:

  • Module 1: History of UMC and WHODrug
  • Module 2: Introduction to WHODrug
  • Module 3: The drug code
  • Module 4: WHODrug Cross Reference ATC5
  • Module 5: The ATC system and ATC classifications in WHODrug
  • Module 6: General principles of coding concomitant medications and WHODrug Best Practices
  • Module 7: WHODrug Standardised Drug Groupings
  • Module 8: WHODrug Koda – the coding engine
  • Module 9: WHODrug Cross Reference Tool Japan

Click the below button to get access to the modules of this course.

Global Health Training Centre

This course needs 30 to 40 minutes to complete. At the end of the, there is a quiz and you have to score a minimum of 80% to get the certificate.

Society for Clinical Research Sites

The modules of the Society for Clinical Research Sites are short duration courses. You will need at least 30minutes to complete the module. This module has 3 different assessments to complete and at the end of the module, you will get a certificate. The certificate will be like the image given below.

photo 2022 02 15 21 28 14


There are also many paid courses available for Pharmacovigilance but free courses are best for all beginners. After enrolling and completing the courses you will get a deep knowledge of Pharmacovigilance domains. To participate in all the courses and Happy Learning 🙂

If you have any queries regarding this post don’t forget to comment below.

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