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Special senses PDF Notes HAP

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Sense of Vision
a) accessory structures of the eye are those that are not directly related the sense of vision, but facilitate the physiology of the eyeballs.
- eyebrows – to shade the eyes from sunlight and to prevent perspiration from reaching the eyes.

- eyelids- to protect the eyes from foreign objects (e.g. dust particles) and to prevent desiccation (drying) of the eyes by lubricating fluid.
- conjunctiva- a mucous membrane on the inner lining of eyelids, which produces lubricating and cleansing fluid for the surface of eye.
Lacrimal gland- exocrine gland that secretes a dilute saline solution called tears for moistening the eyes. [ Tears contain mucus, antibodies and antibacterial enzymes that protect the eye from infections. Emotional
tears also contain enzymes that seem to help reduce stress levels].

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