SemiSolid Dosage Form Note Pharmaceutics Download

Semisolid Dosage Form notes for Pharmaceutics subject for the b.pharm and d.pharm students. Download the Semisolid dosage form note from mypharmaguide.

Semisolid pharmaceutical systems comprise a body of products, which when applied
to the skin or accessible mucous membranes tend to alleviate or treat a pathological
condition or offer protection against a harmful environment. They have the property to
cling to the skin or mucous membrane for a protracted period of time to exert their
therapeutic effect through protection and occlusion. The adhesion is due to their
plastic rheological behavior which allows semisolid to retain their shape and cling as
film until acted upon by an outside force. Semisolid dosage forms are usually intended
for localized drug delivery. In the past few years, however, these forms also have been
explored for the systemic delivery of various drugs. Semisolids constitute a significant
proportion of pharmaceutical dosage forms. They can be applied topically to the skin,
cornea, rectal tissue, nasal mucosa, vagina, buccal tissue, urethral membrane, and
external ear lining.

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