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Download Pharmaceutical Packaging Notes For D.Pharmacy Students Free.

Packing: Packing consists of enclosing an individual item, or several items, in a container,
usually for shipment or delivery. This operation is mostly done by hand and machine.
Pharmaceutical Packaging: Pharmaceutical packaging means the combination of components
necessary to contain, preserve, protect & deliver a safe, efficacious drug product, such that at
any time point before expiration date of the drug product, a safe & efficacious dosage form is

Types of Packaging Systems:
o Primary package system: Made up of those package components & subcomponents
that come into direct contact with the product, or those that may have a direct effect
on the product shelf life.
o Secondary or tertiary package system: Includes cartons, corrugated shippers & pallets.

Packaging must meet the following Requirements: [ideal requirements]
 Protect the preparation from environmental conditions.
 Non-reactive with the product and so does not alter the identity of the product
 Does not impart tastes or odors to the product
 Nontoxic
 FDA approved
 Protect the dosage form from damage or breakage
 Meet tamper-resistance requirements, wherever applicable.
 Adaptable to commonly employed high-speed packaging equipments.

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