Pharmaceutical Analysis PDF Note Free Download

Pharmaceutical Analysis PDF Note Free Download For Pharmacy Students.

1. Volumetric or Titrimetric Analysis: It consists of determination of volume of solution of accurately known concentration required to react completely with the solution of substance to be determined.
2. Standard Solution: The solution of accurately known concentration is called as the standard solution
3. Titrate/ Titrand: The solution of unknown concentration and the substance being titrated is called titrate.
4. Titrant: The solution of known concentration is used in titration (usually added from burette).
5. Equivalence point or stoichiometric end point: The point at which the reaction between titrant & titrate (titrand) is just complete.
6. Indicator: It is an auxiliary substance which shows clear viral change after the reaction between titrate & titrand is particularly complete.
7. Titration Error: In practice, very small difference between theoretical end point and actual end-point usually this is across. This is called as titration error.
8. True Value Actual or correct value is considered as true value. True values are known only when we count objects or when a quantity is assigned a particular value. In other cases the true value of a quantity is never known.
9. STANDARD VALUE: Standard values are representative values based on the experience record of the process.
If an expert using a suitable method and a good quality apparatus carefully determine the percentage value, then it is called standard value.
10. OBSERVED VALUE: The observed value is the value actually measured as the experiment is performed.

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