Monophasic Liquid Dosage Form PDF Notes Download

Monophasic Liquid Dosage Form PDF Notes Download free for B.pharma and D.Pharmacy students.

Monophasic dosage form refers to liquid preparation containing two or more components in one phase system, it is represent by true solution.

A true solution is a clear homogenous mixture that is prepared by dissolving solute in a suitable solvent.
The component of the solution which is present in a large quantity is known as “SOLVENT” where as the component present in small quantity is termed as “SOLUTE”.

• It is easier to swallow, therefore easier for children and old age people.
• Facilitate absorption of drug faster than solid dosage form as drug is
already in solution form.
• It is homogenous therefore give uniform dose than suspension or
emulsion which need shaking.
• Simple and fast to formulate
• It can be administered by various routes :
Oral, Parenteral (injection),enema for rectal use, otic(ear), nasal and
ophthalmic preparation.

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