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Free Download Pharmacy Practice Book PDF

Scope: In the changing scenario of pharmacy practice in India, for successful practice of
Hospital Pharmacy, the students are required to learn various skills like drug distribution,
drug information, and therapeutic drug monitoring for improved patient care. In
community pharmacy, students will be learning various skills such as dispensing of
drugs, responding to minor ailments by providing suitable safe medication, patient
counselling for improved patient care in the community set up.

Objectives: Upon completion of the course, the student shall be able to
1. know various drug distribution methods in a hospital
2. appreciate the pharmacy stores management and inventory control
3. monitor drug therapy of patient through medication chart review and clinical
4. obtain medication history interview and counsel the patients
5. identify drug related problems
6. detect and assess adverse drug reactions
7. interpret selected laboratory results (as monitoring parameters in therapeutics) of
specific disease states
8. know pharmaceutical care services
9. do patient counseling in community pharmacy;
10. appreciate the concept of Rational drug therapy.

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