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Conductometry PDF Note Free Download

Free Download  Conductometry PDF Note For pharmacy students.

The principle of conductometric titration is based on the fact that during the titration, one of
the ions is replaced by the other and invariably these two ions differ in the ionic conductivity
with the result that conductivity of the solution varies during the course of titration.
 The equivalence point may be located graphically by plotting the change in conductance as a
function of the volume of titrant added.
 The electrical conductance of a solution is a measure of its currents carrying capacity and
therefore determined by the total ionic strength.
 It is a non-specific property and for this reason direct conductance measurement are of little
use unless the solution contains only the electrolyte to be determined or the concentrations of
other ionic species in the solution are known.
 Conductometric titrations, in which the species in the solution are converted to non-ionic for
by neutralization, precipitation, etc. are of more value.

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