Basic of Phytochemistry PDF Note Download

Basic of Phytochemistry PDF Note Download Free For B.pharm and D.Pharm students. Phytochemistry is the chemistry (chemical analysis) of plant
products. The chemicals present in leaf powder are analysed chemically
by qualitatively and quantitively. Presence or absence of a chemical will
gives the criteria to evaluates the drug or to standardize the drug.
Estimation of particular chemical or element will also considered as
criteria. The quantitive analysis of elements / chemicals like nitrogen,
crude proteins, crude fats, crude fibers, carbohydrates etc. may fluctuate
with the age of the shrubs plants, season of collection, hence these values
are not considered as criteria. But their use in combination roughly gives
the idea. Their values with little variation should be accepted. The
quantitive analysis of a single chemical or element should not be
considered as strict criteria for standardization or evaluation. This species
no any information of phytochemical studies but other species Abutilon
indicum and Abutilon theophrasti very important of the medicinal plants
reported by various authors Ashok Kumar, (2011), Bagi, et. al. (1984,
1985), Dashputre and Naikwade, (2011), Deokule and Patale (2002),
Guno et. al., (2009), Guno, (2009), Kaushik, (2009), Khadabadi and
Bhajipale, (2010), Lakshmayya et. al., (2000), Yogesh et. al. (2010) and
also some chemical constitute and phytochemical investigation of genus
Abutilon are reported Gambhir, (1952), Gaind, (1976), Dhanalaksmi et.
al. (1990), Hussain, (2005), Karamat, (2003).

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