Acid Base Titration PDF Note Download

Download Acid Base Titration PDF Note Free For Pharmacy Students.

• An acid-base titration (or neutralization titration) is based upon the chemical reaction
between an acid and a base.
• Several acid-base theories have been proposed to explain or classify acidity and basicity
properties of substances.
• Most familiar theory is the Arrhenius theory, but it’s applicable only to water.
• Other theories are more general and are applicable to other solvents.

• The non aqueous solvent can be classified based on its proton donor –acceptor properties.
• The solvent exert an influence on the acid-base properties of the solute.
• They are of 4 types namely :-
a. Protogenic
b. Protophilic
c. Aprotic
d. Amphiprotic
• The dissociating solvent AB dissociates to give the cation A+ [Lyonium ion] and the anions [Lyate ion].
• The lyonium ion is reponsible for acidic character of solvent and lyate ion is responsible for basic character of solvent.

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