Chemical Tests for Honey


To identify the chemical characters of the given sample.

Chemical Tests and Observations

Fiehe’s test:
Take about 3ml of honey + 2ml of
ether and shake thoroughly and allow
the 2 layers to separate and evaporate
to dryness. The upper etherial layer is
separated and put in a china dish and
evaporate, to the residue add 1%
resorcinol and HCl.
Transient pink colour

Permanent red colour
Pure honey

honey(Invert sugar)
Molisch’s Test:
Honey is treated with alpha Naphthol and concentrated sulphuric acid
Purple colourPresence of
Reducing Sugar Test:
Heat honey to this add a drop of
a mixture of Fehling’s solution A & B
The brick red colour of
cuprous oxide
Presence of


From the above morphological characters and chemical tests, the given crude drug is identified as Honey.


1.Kokate CK. Practical Pharmacognosy, 4 edition, VallabhPrakashan. Delhi; 1994: 98

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