Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Notes 6th Semester PDF Free Download – 2021

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Notes free download for GPAT, NIPER, and University Semester Exam.

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Notes 6th Semester PDF Free Download – 2021

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Notes 6th Semester PDF Free Download – 2021

Introduction to Biotechnology

Topic Included:

  • Brief introduction to Biotechnology with reference to Pharmaceutical Sciences.
  • Enzyme Biotechnology- Methods of enzyme immobilization and applications.
  • Biosensors- Working and applications of biosensors in Pharmaceutical Industries.
  • Brief introduction to Protein Engineering.
  • Use of microbes in industry. Production of Enzymes- General consideration – Amylase, Catalase, Peroxidase, Lipase, Protease, Penicillinase.
  • Basic principles of genetic engineering

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Unit 2

Topics covered:

  • Study of cloning vectors, restriction endonucleases and DNA ligase.
  • Recombinant DNA technology. Application of genetic engineering in medicine.
  • Application of r DNA technology and genetic engineering in the products:Interferon b) Vaccines- hepatitis- B c) Hormones- Insulin
  • Brief introduction to PCR
  • Types of immunity-humoral immunity, cellular immunity.

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Types of Immunity, Humoral Immunity and Cellular Immunity

Topic covered:

  • Structure of Immunoglobulins, Structure and Function of MHC
  • Hypersensitivity reactions, Immune stimulation and Immune suppressions.
  • General method of the preparation of bacterial vaccines, toxoids, viral vaccine, antitoxins, serum-immune blood derivatives and other products relative to immunity.
  • Storage conditions and stability of official vaccines
  • Hybridoma technology- Production, Purification and Applications

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Unit 4

Topics Covered:

  • Immuno blotting techniques- ELISA, Western blotting, Southern blotting.
  • Genetic organization of Eukaryotes and Prokaryotes
  • Microbial genetics including transformation, transduction, conjugation, plasmids and transposons.
  • Introduction to Microbial biotransformation and applications.
  • Mutation

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Unit 5

Topics covered:

  • Blood Products: Collection, Processing and Storage of whole human blood, dried human plasma, plasma Substituties.
  • Fermentation methods and general requirements, study of media, equipments, sterilization methods, aeration process, stirring.
  • Large scale production fermenter design and its various controls.
  • Study of the production of – penicillins, citric acid, Vitamin B12, Glutamic acid, Griseofulvin

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Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Questions with Answers

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