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BPharm Books

B.Pharm Books

Download B.Pharm 1st Year to 4th Year (1st Semester to 8th Semester) All Books in PDF Format for Free

DPharm Books

D.Pharm Books

Download D.Pharm 1st Year and 2nd Year All Books in PDF Format for Free

GPAT Books

GPAT Books

Download All the competitive books that are designed especially for cracking GPAT Exam.

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BPharm Notes

B.Pharm Notes

Download B.Pharm 1st Year to 4th Year (1st Semester to 8th Semester) All Study Notes Subject wise and Topic wise in PDF Format for Free

DPharm Notes

D.Pharm Notes

Download D.Pharm 1st Year and 2nd Year All Study Notes Subject wise and Topic Wise in PDF Format for Free

GPAT Notes

GPAT Notes

Download All the competitive study materials that are designed especially for cracking GPAT Exam.

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Frequently Asked Questions

MyPharmaGuide.Com is the only reliable source for Downloading the PDF Books of Pharmacy. Here in MyPharmaGuide, you can easily download old or new updated syllabus Books from D.Pharm 1st Year to D.Pharm 2nd Year and B.Pharm 1st Semester to B.Pharm 8th Semester for free of cost.

Competitive Pharma Books are helpful for competitive exam purposes. They are also extremely helpful to upgrade your knowledge and score your marks in the examination. The price of competitive pharma books may vary from Publisher to Publisher and also on the features they are provided through the books. Usually, the price of Competitive Pharma Books lay down between 300 to 1k rupees.

There are many books available for Ayurdeva Pharmacist Preparation. Some of the books that we suggest are.

  • Ayurved Sangrah from Ayurved Sanskrit Hindi Pustak Bhandar Store
  • Ayurvedic ( Pharmacist Pravesh Poorv Pareeksha ) from H.G. Publications

Books are the library of knowledge. A book may be old but the value of knowledge provide a book get never old. So you can keep the books with you or you can use the following tips with your old pharmacy books.

  • Donate them to College Library
  • Gift them to Juniors
  • Sell Them on Amazon
  • List them on MyPustak.Com so a needy student can order your book for free of cost.

Yes, there are many books available for Pharmaceutical Technology. MyPharmaGuide.Com has the largest collection of Pharmaceutical Technology books free for Pharmacy 1st Semester to 8th Semester Students. You can download the books for free of cost from MyPharmaGuide in PDF versions

List of Remedial Biology Book for Pharmacy are shared below:

  • Text book of Biology by S. B. Gokhale
  • A Text book of Biology by Dr. Thulajappa and Dr. Seetaram
  • A Text book of Biology by B.V. Sreenivasa Naidu
  • A Text book of Biology by Naidu and Murthy
  • Botany for Degree students By A.C.Dutta
  • Outlines of Zoology by M. Ekambaranatha ayyer and T. N. Ananthakrishnan.
  • A manual for pharmaceutical biology practical by S.B. Gokhale and C. K. Kokate

Computer Application in Pharmacy is an optional subject in B.Pharm 2nd Semester. Some reference books for Computer Application in Pharmacy are:

  • Computer Application in Pharmacy – William E.Fassett –Lea and Febiger, 600 South Washington Square, USA, (215) 922-1330
  • Computer Application in Pharmaceutical Research and Development –Sean Ekins – Wiley-Interscience, A John Willey and Sons, INC., Publication, USA
  • Bioinformatics (Concept, Skills and Applications) – S.C.Rastogi-CBS Publishers and Distributors, 4596/1- A, 11 Darya Gani, New Delhi – 110 002(INDIA)
  • Microsoft office Access – 2003, Application Development Using VBA, SQL Server, DAP and Infopath – Cary N.Prague – Wiley Dreamtech India (P) Ltd., 4435/7, Ansari Road, Daryagani, New Delhi – 110002

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